On the way with a couple of stops

We left Meridian with plans to make it all the way to Decatur AL with plenty of time to set up camp. There are rules and there are guidelines. Actually, once you break a rule, it becomes a guideline. We are learning so much about this business as we live it. One of the rules is never set up camp in the dark. There are just too many things that can go wrong. Well, our trip started off like this:

Alabama rain

That slowed us down a lot and we arrived at the Point Mallard Campground in plenty of time to set up. But, when we actually arrived at our site, it was on a big slope. RVs need to be level so the slides will come out smoothly and evenly. There was no way we could level the coach enough so we went back to the office to change sites. The level site we got was not long enough for the car to remain connected so we had to unhook the car and then back into the space. Once that was done, we set up. It was dark enough that we needed flashlights to really see what we were doing. Although some might call it SNAFU, we have already learned that you’d better be ready to adapt when necessary.


We had a good night’s sleep and actually slept in a bit this morning. Once we got moving, we toured the Point Mallard Park. What a great place! In addition to the campground, it has an 18 hole golf course, a water park, an ice rink, tennis courts, soccer fields, batting cages and driving range. Another lesson learned. We really hated to have to leave so quickly. One of the reasons we want to travel is to see places and do things. When you have to be somewhere the next night, you end up skipping what you want to do to get back on the road. We will be back to Point Mallard!


Today (Saturday) was much better weather. It was cool this morning and I could see as we drove out that the guys on the golf course had on jackets. It was a  pleasurable drive through Tennessee and into Kentucky. I was able to keep up with all the football games on ESPN while Jimmie Kay did her thing. She is a really good driver and I love to just ride along.


We blew off the Mammoth Cave visit (see learn to adapt above). We will have another chance on the way back home.

We are now in Elizabethtown KY, about 40 miles south of Louisville. We will stop in Indianapolis IN tomorrow night and then on into Goshen. Thanks for checking in!