2 Old Farts Having a Stinking Good Time!

Today was again repositioning to get closer to Goshen. We made the simple drive up I-65 through Northern KY and on into Indianapolis IN. It was a wonderful day. Temperature this morning was in the 50s but it rapidly warmed up into the 70s.

2 old farts having a stinking good time!

2 old farts having a stinking good time!

Welcome to Indiana

Welcome to Indiana!

There was a lot of construction on I-65 N so we took a detour around Louisville on I-264. Missed seeing the city but I think we saved a bunch of time. We arrived at the KOA of Indianapolis just in time to watch the last 30 minutes of the Saints game. Ugh! Maybe if we had gone through the construction we would’ve missed it.

The campground is great. 20 acres with cornfields surrounding. It is almost like a pecan orchard with trees spaced between the campsites and a stream running through the middle of the campsite. We took a walk around and window shopped at the other RVs looking for our next one. Jimmie Kay cooked chicken pasta in Alfredo sauce and we ate outside until we had to come in due to the dropping temps.

The Indianapolis Colts play the Philadelphia Eagles here on Monday night. There are plenty of Eagle fans here in the park and they are getting lubricated for the game. Hope we get some sleep!

Tomorrow, Goshen. about half of the people attending the rally are already there. Looking forward to meeting everyone!