Clarko State Park, Quitman MS

What fun would a new coach be without using it? Once we had the coach, we just had to get out and take a test drive and test trip. Clarko State Park in Quitman MS is just 25 minutes from our house. We thought it would be nice to head there for a few days of tryout. We booked a spot near the lake and quickly learned that what looks level may not be level. After trying three sites, we finally found one that was level enough that we could set up and put out our slides.


As soon as we were set up, we took out our packet of manuals and started trying to figure everything out. As we were doing this, we watched one of our neighbors getting set up. As it turned out, our new neighbors were Charlie and Brenda from Tennessee. Better than us reading a manual, they were in their own Phaeton.


Charlie, Brenda and Tinkerbell

Charlie was great telling me all about Phaeton stuff. We spent a good bit of time together and it was really valuable to me as a new Phaeton owner.


While at Clarko, we also managed to catch a few sunrises and sunsets…

IMG_3564 IMG_3557 IMG_3571

We also managed to take in a bit of nature…



cypress knees

Oh, and we managed to eat some great food too!

IMG_3628 IMG_3626 IMG_3625

Even Kit and Louie like their new ride!


We are still on schedule for retirement date of 3/31/2015!