Wet & Cold San Antonio!

It was a busy week in San Antonio. The rodeo was in town and we tried to get into our RV park a day early but there was no room at the inn! When we finally arrived on Sunday the 22nd, it was misty rain and getting cold. Little did we know that not much would change during the 10 days we would be there except for being wetter and colder. For the 10 days, we saw the sun for only one day and the temperature stayed in the 40s or lower for all but 2 of the days. Our plans to explore and do the Riverwalk on bikes got washed away.

One of the main reasons we went to San Antonio was to see our daughter, Jennie, complete her first big project at her new job. She was the PR point person for the San Antonio Home and Garden show. It was held in the AlamoDome and it was going to be quite a show. One of the first events we saw was a televised promo held at the Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum. Buckhorn Saloon  The saloon has been in business for 131 years and is still a great little gathering place in downtown San Antonio. The interior is decorated with all kinds of game and has the look of an old time saloon. There are some living birds that have found their way indoors, probably glad to get out of the weather. In fact, I took a photo of one on the chandelier just before he pooped on my shoulder!

IMG_2794 IMG_2795 IMG_2797

Jennie was happy to get this part of the promo done and it came off beautifully.

IMG_2800 IMG_2804

IMG_2805On the one nice day weather wise, we did venture out to the Riverwalk for lunch. It ended up being a beautiful day and while we ate, we were observed by a crested egret in the tree above us.






On opening day of the Home & Garden Show, it was cold, windy with sleet. Hard to imagine and prepare for Spring in that kind of weather. The Alamo Dome was decorated and the exhibitors all had their best stuff out. The Dome is a 65,000 seat multipurpose arena. From the floor level, it seemed much smaller than it really is.

IMG_4802 IMG_4803

Our days in San Antonio went quickly. With bad weather being the headline of the visit, we did not get to do much of what we had planned. Saving those experiences for another trip.

A highlight of the trip home was a 2 night stay at Stephen F. Austin State Park in San Felipe TX. What a hidden gem. Adjacent to an 18 hole golf course, the park is just 4 miles off I-10 and is gorgeous! Filled with wildlife with great hiking trails, it provided a terrific break during our trip home. It is definitely on our list of places to visit again.

Brazos River from the hiking trail

Brazos River from the hiking trail



Jimmie Kay says that I can’t do much of anything without screwing it up. She asked me to take the dogs outside so they can do their business. One relatively educated adult male, 2 dogs, 2 leashes, what could go wrong?

I meant to do that!

I meant to do that!

Next post: Home to get ready to sell the house and start full-timing!