Monthly Archive: June, 2015

New York-No RV

Before we became full timers. we had a couple of trips planned. This was one of them. We left our rig in MS and flew to New York for a few days of… Continue reading

Quick stops in ATL & BHM

We are making our way back to Meridian and trying to stick to our plan of driving about 200 miles per day. This required a stop in Atlanta and a quick overnight in… Continue reading

Gaffney, SC

Gaffney, SC is not exactly a tourist destination, but we were here on a mission. Approximately 80% of motorhomes are built on a truck chassis manufactured by Freightliner. Gaffney is the home of… Continue reading

Dreher Island South Carolina

Before I tell you about Dreher Island, I wanted to share a few other pics we took in Savannah. First off, there are the traditional photos of the fountain in Forsyth Park. It… Continue reading

Low Country

If you did not read anything about FDR in the previous Pine Mountain post, go back. I made a late entry that has some other information. Jimmie Kay’s best friend as a child… Continue reading