Dreher Island South Carolina

Before I tell you about Dreher Island, I wanted to share a few other pics we took in Savannah. First off, there are the traditional photos of the fountain in Forsyth Park.

IMG_5482IMG_5490 (1)

It really is a beautiful place and there is something mesmerizing about standing at the fountain and watching the water.

IMG_5489 (2)Adjacent to Forsyth Park is the Savannah School of Law. On its grounds stand the Candler Oak, one of the largest and most majestic Live Oak trees I have ever seen. The tree took root in the early 1700’s and stood through the Civil War. Under its branches, confederate troops built stockades to hold captured Union Soldiers. After General Sherman came through and captured the hospital on the grounds, the stockades were then used to hold the confederate soldiers.


At it’s last measurement in 2013, the tree stood 54 feet high and 110 feet across. The trunk was 65 inches in diameter and 17 feet in circumference.

Another site in Savannah worth seeing is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The photos speak for themselves.

IMG_5470IMG_5469 IMG_5477 (1) IMG_5475 (1)IMG_5476

Our next destination was Gaffney SC. In order to break up the drive a bit we booked a site at Dreher Island State Park on Lake Murray just outside Columbia SC. We made the reservation without knowing much about the place but that is a big part of what we are doing, exploring. Dreher Island was a pleasant surprise! It was beautiful and a wonderful relaxing place to be.

The campsite was one of the most beautiful we have been in to date. The view was fabulous and we had a great waterfront site adjacent to the lake.

IMG_5530 (1) IMG_5556 (1) IMG_5524 (1)IMG_3078 (1)

One of the best things about Dreher were the trails. There were multiple hiking and biking trails. We got to use our new rides and biked several miles around the camp.


One afternoon, Jimmie Kay went for a walk with the camera. As she picked her way through the woods, she noticed someone staring at her. She managed to get several goods shots (with a camera) before the doe ran off.

Version 2

It was so peaceful there that we even brought Big Momma out for some fresh air.


Since we were in the middle of nowhere, but glad to be there, we had to cook for ourselves. An open fire in the fire pit yielded the plate below. Yum!

IMG_5560 (1)

Next stop, Gaffney SC!