Quick stops in ATL & BHM

We are making our way back to Meridian and trying to stick to our plan of driving about 200 miles per day. This required a stop in Atlanta and a quick overnight in Birmingham. If we were going to be in Atlanta for longer than 2 nights, we would’ve stayed at Stone Mountain. Since this was going to be a quick stop, we found Jones RV Park. It is just a block off I-85. It doesn’t have the amenities we usually opt for, but it was convenient. The main reason I mention the park is to share with you their sign at their office.

IMG_3136 (1)


Remember, this is in the middle of Atlanta, just off I-85. Notice the    sign, ‘Office closed Saturday and Sunday. Please make yourself at home. We use the honor system.’ There is a drop box there that if you arrive and leave before they reopen on Monday, just drop your payment into the box. Not the norm for RV parks (or any other business) in today’s world.





While in Atlanta, we did take advantage of our time by visiting some relatives that live there. My cousin Marvin Fisher and his wife Mary Ann invited us over to their place for dinner. How could we not go. We had a delicious meal and Marvin proceeded to give me a tasting of his bourbon collection. Many fine tastes, but my favorite was the Maker’s Mark Mint. Apparently they only make this once a year for the Kentucky Derby. It is Maker’s Mark with mint infused with a bit of added sugar. In effect, it is a mint julep in a bottle. Quite tasty!

We also visited with my sister’s two boys, who both live in Atlanta. We had a great meal at one of Jimmie Kay’s favorites, California Dreaming.  Sorry, no food pictures, we were hungry!

IMG_3135 (1)

Oak Mountain State Park just outside of Birmingham was a good stop for our overnight stay. No WiFi and an occasional one bar on the cell phone, but a beautiful setting, plenty of vegetation and wildlife and also plenty of rain!  Everything there was soaked and the reason I mention it is to show what happens when you put a jack pad down on cracked asphalt with saturated ground visible between the cracks. Extend your jacks to level your coach and see what happens…

When we were ready to leave in the AM we had to pry our pad up out of the asphalt!IMG_0144 (1)

Our next stop is New York, New York. This trip was planned before we became full timers. There actually are two of these trips we have planned coming up soon. These trips and their booked airline tickets are the reason we are returning to Meridian and staying in the southeast.