Our Story

Our journey began at Grayton Beach Florida in August of 2013. We were thinking about retirement and where we would live. While in Grayton, we were visiting friends that told us of some property that was soon to be available. We looked and thought, but then reconsidered. Why buy in one place where you would likely feel that you needed to stay at ‘your’ place rather than visit other areas and pay again for a place to stay. What if there were a way to stay at ‘your’ place but that could be anywhere. Options existed. We could become fractional ownership people, or timeshare people, but you would still have to move your stuff in and out as you go and there would be ‘other people’ staying there when we were not. The answer became pretty obvious to us.

Owning a motor-home would allow us to go wherever we wanted, taking our home and our belongings with us. We could visit our friends in Grayton, but then if the mood struck, move down the road to a different beach for a different environment with no packing and repacking. From there we could pick up and move to the mountains or any other destination we chose.

While this sounds great, there were a few details that needed to be worked out. I was still working full-time and still a few years away from Medicare. Quitting work now would mean the loss of insurance and that would be a considerable expense to add to our balance sheet. Needless to say, if I stopped working and just traveled, the other thing that would change on the balance sheet was the huge hit that the Income side of the ledger would take. This called for careful planning and projection. That is the phase we are in now. As this is written, we are again in Grayton Beach in our motor-home. This has been our longest continuous stay to date. We have been here for 12 days and have loved it! Jimmie Kay and I both know that we can do this full-time. The traveling, smaller living area, and lots of together time will not be a problem for us. But, making sure that our finances are in order before we pull the trigger on being full-time looms large. We will be detailing the process and the decisions over the next several months.

We hope you join us as we navigate this journey that we hope will lead to full-time RV living for us.